Transfer Case Acutator Gear for ZF Auto Transmissions IGH500040

Transfer Case Acutator Gear for ZF Auto Transmissions IGH500040

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On the 6 and 8 speed ZF Automatic transmissions fitted to various Land Rovers, BMW's and Mercedes the actuator motor for the transfer box has a Nylon gear which over time wears and in some cases the teeth are stripped.

When this gear fails or is worn and slipping, this can result in poor 4x4 performance and a number of lights can also appear on the dash - ABS, Brake and 4x4.

Once you've had your vehicle checked and they confirm it's a faulty motor this replacement gear can then be fitted.

Main Dealers offer a replacement motor which can hit you hard in the pocket.

This replacement nylon gear is a much more cost effective solution to the problem and for a fraction of the price the actuator motor can be repaired, putting you back on the road without a big hole in your finances.

Vehicles this can be fitted to - 


  1. Discovery 3 - oe number IGH500040
  2. DIscovery 4 - oe number IGH500040
  3. Range Rover 2002 - onwards - oe number IGH500040
  4. Range Rover Sport 2005 - onwards - oe number IGH500040
  5. BMW X3 E83 (2003-2010) - oe number 2710 7566 296
  6. BMW X5 E53 (2000-2006) & E70 (2006-2013) - oe number 2710 7566 296
  7. BMW X6 E71 (2007-2014) & E72 HYB (2008-2011) - oe number 2710 7566 296
  8. Mercedes GL & ML (164/166) oe number A 164 5400 188
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