KAM Limited Slip Differentials / LSD

This option for upgrading your differentials is the KAM Limited Slip Differential (LSD).

As with the other Kam Diffs, the LSD has a heavy duty forged cross shaft which is far stronger.

LSD's are fully automatic and once fitted they don't require any input from the driver.

They increase traction through the use of a pack of clutch plates to allow some slip so your car still handles around corners but provides increased traction both off and on road.

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  • Short Nose LSD
    The KAM640 is designed to fit Short Nose Diffs that were fitted to the following vehicles -  Front and Rear - Range Rover P38  Rear - Land Rover 110/130 from 2002 only.   ...
    Ex Tax: £471.43 £565.72