Terrafirma Hardened CV Joints & Shafts

These Terrafirma Hardened HD Shafts are made from SAE4340 Nickel Chromoly Alloy Steel which, when heated, provides the following benefits - 

  • Optimum level of strength and flex
  • Ability to twist without breaking
  • Extremely high fatigue resistance - this enables the shafts to tolerate repeated shock landing

The ability to flex without breaking also helps to protect other components in the drive train.

All shafts are 24 spline, meaning they're primarily suited to post 1994 axles, althought they can be fitted to earlier axles with some additional work.

These Terrafirma Hardened Shafts replace the KAM shafts that were previously offered in our range.

The Terrafirma Hardened CV is now a one piece item and replaces the KAM 2 Piece CV & fitting kit.

The standard 5yr warranty is available for these products on vehicles fitted with 35" tyres or less.

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