Discrete winch mounts

For owners who require a winch and wish to retain the original vehicle looks and do not require the additional protection provided by a replacement bumper a Terrafirma discrete winch mount is the perfect option. For all Discovery models there is sufficient space behind the original bumper to allow a winch to be fitted into a chassis mounted bracket. The only evidence that a winch is fitted is the fairlead protruding through the front bumper which can be hidden by the licence plate when not in use.

The kits for Discovery 1 and 2 offer a straight forward solution to mounting a winch behind the original bumper, whereas the significantly more sophisticated Discovery 3 requires a much more elaborate kit to take into consideration the relocation of certain parts in order to create the space to be occupied by the winch. All components necessary are included in the D3 kit as well as comprehensive instructions and templates that are required to correctly cut and remove plastic trim parts and accurately locate the fairlead into the front bumper.

Although the Discovery 3 has a substantial front towing point, Terrafirma offers an additional pair of heavy duty recovery points as an option that can be bolted into the winch mounting tray that will protrude through the front bumper for easy access.

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