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Terrafirma 30mm alloy wheel spacers give an additional 60mm track width to all Land Rovers. The benefits are improved handling, cornering and stability as well as increased steering lock.


The opportunity to fit larger tyres due to the increased steering lock is a bonus not to mention the improved ‘stocky or more planted’ look to the vehicle.

These spacers are made from billet aluminium to the highest standards with high tensile studs and include a complete set of wheel nuts to ensure they are secured correctly. Alloy wheel spacers do not effect wheel balance like steel ones can.

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  • Wheel Adaptor Defender to Discovery 3 / RRS
    Terrafirma Wheel Adaptors Terrafirma adaptors facillitate the fitment of larger diameter wheels typically to Defenders, often from the popular Discovery 3&4 and Range Rover sport range. These stylish wheels are not available in the Defender wheel bolt pattern and have large positive offsets r...
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