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Full Diagnostic Capability

  • Fault Read / Clear of all vehicle systems
  • Service routines (including service reminder reset)
  • Live Data
  • Manual Components Activation (Output Control)
  • Calibrations (except suspension, see advanced programming functions)






Advanced Programming Functions



  • Vehicle control modules software updates (ECU Re-Flashing*)
  • Exclusive content available (modified firmware etc, see FAQ)
  • Engine tuning, EGR Patching, Speed limiter raising and more (purchased separately***)
  • Key programming (except Range Rover L322 2002-2005, see user manual for restrictions)
  • Car Configuration / Personalization (CCF editing, full CCF access upon request)
  • Height Adjustment (front, rear or all)
  • Suspension individual sensor calibration (needed after a repair)
  • Backup of original height and CCF values
  • 3 personalized height profiles

IOS/Android App Features

  • Easy access to all Diagnostic and Programming functions
  • Email exportation of faults, live data and ECU info
  • Real time logging of live data
  • Up to 8 live values displayed simultaneously on graph and numerical views
  • All live values (PIDs) available for all ECUs
  • Complete Car Configuration File (CCF) access upon request, free of charge
  • Guided suspension calibration algorithm which eliminate the need for a level surface, calculations and is done in 5 minutes
  • Height Adjust screen with saved profiles and default height available in 2 clicks
  • Height Control screen which allows height mode selection remotely and lower to bumstops feature
  • Enhanced ECU Info function allowing to see if an ECU is up to date or if an update is available
  • Jaguar support, 2008 and up vehicles (Under Beta testing)
  • And more































Supported vehicle list

  • Defender Puma L316 2007-2015
  • Discovery3/LR3 L319 2004-2009
  • Discovery4/LR4 L319 2010 and up
  • Freelander 2/LR2 L359 2008-2015
  • Range Rover L322 2002-2012
  • Range Rover L405 2014-2016
  • Range Rover Evoque L538 2011-2016
  • Range Rover Sport L320 2005-2013
  • Range Rover Sport L494 2014-2016

Supported mobile devices

iPad Mini, iPad 3rd generation onward, iPhone 4S onward. Android devices fitted with a Bluetooth V4.0 transceiver and running on OS 4.3 or higher. Low cost generic Android devices rarely work.

Comes with one USB cable, quick start guide and storage box. Mobile device not included.

Subscription package

Updates are free for a period of one (1) year following the date of purchase. Afterwards, an annual fee will apply in order to get the latest IIDTool Pro firmwares. We are continuously working on improving the IIDTool Pro firmware by adding new service routines, vehicle enhancements options (modified ECU firmware’s etc), convenience features, new vehicle coverage and many more items.

This annual fee is not mandatory. For example, if one decides not to benefit from this offer, the tool will continue to work normally without the latest additions.

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