Pro Taper winch bumpers

When strength, functionality and good looks are the ultimate goal the Terrafirma Pro Taper bumper range for both air conditioned and non-air conditioned Defenders will be your choice. With these bumpers the winch is raised above the chassis rails and with tapered and swept back wings approach angle and styling are optimised even with the air conditioned Defender versions.

The Terrafirma Pro Taper bumpers are available to suit both the conventional ‘small chassis’ winches with pulling capacities up to 12000lbs as well as the ‘Bigger is Better’ super strong option for ‘large chassis’ winches from 12,000-18000lbs pulling capacity. With large, high capacity winches becoming ever more popular for commercial and recreational use these bumpers for big and powerful winches are unmatched in the market place. Air cooling slots, built in recovery and jacking points complete these superb winch bumpers.

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