Parcel shelves

Maximising storage space in the cab of any Defender will increase comfort and convenience. The Terrafirma parcel shelves are ideal for stowing away maps, note books, pens and odds and ends. The parcel shelf is available in two options; A full width version which secures into the door openings and spans the width of all Defenders which includes provision to add another or relocate the original interior light. The sun visors fit neatly and tidily into recesses moulded into the parcel shelf. The second option is a two piece parcel shelf designed to be incorporated with the Terrafirma roof console.  Two sections attached either side of the roof console maximising even more roof space, again with the recesses to accept the sun visors.

The full width parcel shelf is designed to fit all Defenders with or without sunroofs or even a headlining, the two piece shelf relies on the console so is suitable for all Defenders without sunroofs.

Each parcel shelf is supplied with step by step instructions and fitting kits.

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