EGR valve removal kits

The EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system fitted to most modern diesel engines re-circulates part of the exhaust gases back in to the air intake on overrun with the intention of improving emissions.

Removing this system actually makes little difference to emissions. The Terrafirma EGR valve removal kit for Td5 Defender and Discovery 2 allows the EGR valve to be completely removed from the inlet manifold which eliminates the restriction increasing air flow and performance.

The popular Td5 kit comes complete with a new intercooler hose fitting, gasket, bolts and EGR blanking plate & bolts.

EGR removal kits are also available for 300 tdi Defender and Discovery 1 as well as Discovery 3 Tdv6 pre Euro 4 emission engines up to and including 6A chassis number 2007.

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