Radius arms

TF508 (3 degree), TF528 (6 degree) and TF529 (3 degree) Caster corrected front radius arms

When coil sprung Land Rovers are lifted the caster angle is changed (see diagram). This can lead to vagueness and a lack of self-centering of the steering. Fitting 3 degree caster corrected radius arms re introduces positive caster angle to return the steering to the correct geometry on vehicles lifted 2-3” (50-75mm), for vehicles lifted more than 2-3” 6 degree caster corrected radius arms should be used. The TF508 and TF528 radius arms are designed to accept the 44mm wide bushes that have been fitted to 90/110/130/D1 and RRC from around 1992 and the TF529 radius arms are designed to fit Discovery 2.

TF509 Cranked rear radius arms

When Land Rovers are lifted the rear radius arm to chassis bushes become strained, further suspension drop out can be restricted by the lack of movement in the bush. To relieve the strain and to improve suspension flex fit Cranked rear radius arms. Terrafirma rear radius arms are made from super tough 1 3/8" diameter x 3/16" wall thickness CDS tubing.

TF532 Johnny joint rear radius arms

The ultimate flexible joint, the American ‘Johnny’ joint is used extensively in custom built suspension systems. It provides the most articulation (30 degrees) of any joint; it is greaseable, better sealed and much stronger and more resistant to wear than conventional ‘rose’ joints. The TF529 rear radius arms are designed to allow massive unrestricted, stress free rear axle movement. Made from super strong 1 ½” diameter x 5/16” wall thickness CDS tubing with a double crank to provide maximum clearance.

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