Terrafirma Wheel Adaptor Defender to Discovery 3 / RRS

Terrafirma Wheel Adaptor Defender to Discovery 3 / RRS

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Terrafirma Wheel Adaptors

Terrafirma adaptors facillitate the fitment of larger diameter wheels typically to Defenders, often from the popular Discovery 3&4 and Range Rover sport range. These stylish wheels are not available in the Defender wheel bolt pattern and have large positive offsets requiring spacers.

Terrafirma adaptors provide the conversion between 5 x 165 and 5 x 120 bolt patterns and also space out the wheels by 54mm to give the desired 'fast road' sports look. Wheels over 22" diameter with appropriate tires can be fitted with these high quality alloy adaptors.

Wheel nuts and spacer nuts should be tightened to the factory torque settings.

This listing is for Defender 5 x 165 hub to 5 x 120 72.6mm ID D3 / RRS Wheel (54mm thick)

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